Neil Young: dufus celebrity millionaire know-nothing liar

For a man born and educated in Canada, the ignoramus Neil Young has learned absolutely nothing, other than how to promote himself as an aging rocker with naught to do but spout bullshit in order to revive a sagging career. Of course, he hasn’t lived in Canada for forty years or more, so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t know shit about Shinola.

I can’t go into a bunch of detail. -Neil Young

I think that pretty much sums up his knowledge of Canada and Canadians. Thank Christ he wasn’t born here. Oh, wait, he was. How mortifying that Neil Young could be so ignorant of his own country.

Young Neil, go back to California and burn your middle-east oil. It’s great to know that your chosen country’s 9/11 Saudi Arabian butchers have your complete and undying support. Why not use some of your idle-no-more time to write a song about your support for your murderous heroes?

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