Another reason surfaces to build that northern border fence really, really high

Jihadi rapper and former Toronto pizza deliveryman Omar Hammami killed in Somalia ambush after falling out with al-Shabaab.

A jihadi rapper and a pizza delivery man who loved Tim Hortons. Impressive. Now if only Canada could convince the rest of the crowd to follow suit, so to speak.

In 2004, Hammami drove to Canada, which he wrote was “like entering a new world. … There are Tim Horten’s [sic] fastfood joints all over the place and people speak from their nose,” he wrote. In Toronto, he married a Somali-Canadian, but he didn’t like the city’s “Western defects” and noted it was not “a pure Islamic society.”

Perhaps the American in him might have consulted with a Fodor’s before learning first-hand that Toronto is not “a pure Islamic society.” Although, the poor, ignorant fool hails from Alabama, so… go figure.

Having spent considerable time in Somalia in a past life, I’m sure the Somalis were happy to be rid of him. I know Canada is.

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