FBI’s Most Wanted: Insane Clown Posse fans

ICPSay what?

The FBI has classified fans of ICP as “gang members”. WTF is with the FBI virgins these days? That old closet queer Hoover, their former director, is long gone. Hell, that alone should have dragged the FBI kicking and screaming into the ’60s. Alas, no, they’re still fucking morons.

Next Der Homeland Stasi will be landing their helicopters on the doorsteps of ICP fans. Mom and Dad will no doubt be happy when that happens.

Note to FBI and Der Homeland Stasi: You’re still morons. Fuck you. Just for you, here’s a link to ICP’s web site — because, you know, you probably didn’t know they had one.

And just because, here’s another link for the stupids, known as the FBI and DHS.

As you can imagine, being classified as a “gang” has ICP and its Juggalos a tad upset. There’s no word on whether Deadheads are incensed that they haven’t been included in American law enforcement’s ongoing downhill race to be known as the stupidest people in the entire world.

America should take some notes from newly-liberated Russian courts and classify all music-lovers as hooligans. That makes about as much sense.

Note to America:  You are so screwed.

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