Calgary BT Labour Day fun

The most recent comments on the Calgary BT disaster are here.

The Zaner is gone-zo! One down, one to go!

It’s Labour Day Monday, and we’re having quite the little retrospective of the past several weeks of a brand new Calgary Breakfast Television host. From what I’ve been watching, I am extremely fortunate to have been on the road when this dog was brought home. If you’re interested in my earlier comments after watching a week of this disaster unfold, here they are.

The Labour Day retrospective highlights

Any time Andrew Schultz or Jill Belland is on-screen doing their thing. Mike Yawney doesn’t do too badly either.

The lowlights

Everything else.

Tara Slone is just not capable of carrying this thing on her own, yet Andrew Schultz has been relegated to doing the weather and being Tara’s Ed McMahon sidekick. Will someone wake up and give themselves a pinch? Please?

I just can’t believe that someone, anyone, in corporate/station management is taking any responsibility whatsoever for this debacle that has been foisted on Calgary’s hapless early-morning breakfast television viewers. Whoever it was, I hope they will be forever banished to Breakfast Television, Maritimes version. And let me tell you, after watching Atlantic Canada’s version of BT, that’s about as low as you can go. Or, it was, until the all-new BT Calgary came along.

I eagerly await the remaining four days of the week, when a second host will appear out of nowhere to dazzle the likes of the Calgary hillbillies with tales of derring-do. During his half-hour introduction last Friday he had that deer-in-the-headlights look about him.

And don’t forget, faithful readers: Jill Belland, CityLights, Wednesday and Thursday, 9 a.m.

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