Trans-Canada highway stupidity in Saskatchewan

Update March 29, 2011: If these Saskasippie farmboys were working on constructing the Alaska Highway, road work would still be going on and the Japanese would be at the border. In 2011

work will require the highway to revert to two-lane traffic during construction. —Saskatchewan Government news release,December 9, 2010

In other words, a Saskatchewan farmboy wanting to get to Calgary for a rub-and-tug means having to say you’re sorry for the delay.

Jesus, what an embarrassment.

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Back on June 16th, 2010 the Trans-Canada Highway at the western edge of Saskatchewan* was closed due to extensive rain damage during one of those prairie rainstorms not uncommon across the prairies.

It’s the 6th of August now. The four-lane divided highway is open for two-lane traffic only for a couple of miles. Some unknown construction company dilly-dallies away the summer pretending to construct. Methinks said construction company saw a way to endless cost-plus profits and is milking the Saskatchewan cow for all she’s worth.

How do I know? For the second time I rode by while traveling and had a look, and lo, it would appear that dimwits prevail.

The culverts haven’t even been laid yet, although my thought (not that my thoughts really matter to anyone in control) is that perhaps a bridge is warranted across an area that is prone to flooding.

A second thought: culverts are easier to replace than a bridge when the road washes out for a second time. It’s the farm mentality at work. They figger if she’s good to go by the time the snow flies, it’s good enough for those poor folk who are silly enough to be on the way to somewhere else. I think they figger too that it will slow down the  locals in their attempt to desert Saskasippi in droves. Those shiny city lights on the horizon are a siren call, doncha know.

Did any of the farmers elected to the Saskatchewan government ever kick the shit off of their boots, pick the straw off of the ass of their pants, pull their heads out of their asses and try to figger out how long it really takes to repair a road? With culverts?

>>> crickets chirping <<<

I didn’t think so.


*Saskatchewan to many is known as Saskasippi. Need I say more?

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