Ghosts from a past life

You know you’re getting old when some of the equipment you used to fly in another life is being prepared for a permanent aviation museum display.

I’m actually quite thrilled to have played a small part in helping to mature helicopter aviation in Canada.

A Bell Helicopters model 47

An early Model 47 Bell Helicopter

During year two of my aviation career, I assisted in the overhaul and rebuild of this aircraft with two engineers, Gerry O. and John K. Upon completion of the overhaul, I did the test flights and associated engine break-in, and shortly thereafter I flew the helicopter to the east coast and onto a ferry to take her to Newfoundland.

I spent a grand three months touring the island on a forestry contract that never involved all that much flying for the forestry department. All the same, it was a marvellous adventure for a young man at the start of his aviation career, and one that I will never forget.

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