This is not an April Fool’s joke

It must be due to the massive migration of coldbacks:

1,500 agents along the northern border were involved in the arrests of 7,925 individuals last year. During the same time, 705,005 people were arrested on the southwest border with Mexico (italics and emphasis mine), where 16,500 agents currently are assigned. -Mark Borkowski, executive director of the Secure Border Initiative at Customs and Border Protection

For the geographically challenged among us, America’s northern border is with Canada, not Russia. Alaska’s border is with Russia.

Apparently. (Now that’s an April Fool’s joke.)

And finally, if you have no idea, a coldback is a Canadian heading south to the southern United States to spend the winter, from whence he returns to the glories of a Canadian spring in magnificent bloom. The term is most often confused by House and Senate members, as well as Border Patrol agents, with wetback, but it has absolutely nothing to do with wetback beaners, since most rivers in Canada are frozen from November to May.

Earlier post on the big border snore here.

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