RCMP goon squad

As the Braidwood Inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski at the hands of RCMP Goon Squad members in the Vancouver airport progresses, Canadians continue to witness the spectacle of four more mounties goons dragging their beleaguered police force Goon Squad into further disrepute. Time after time, the four Brave Mounties have testified to staggering brutality, ignorance, stupidity and false bravado while defending themselves against a man with a stapler.

They testified that they failed to recall their training, even though a mere three months had elapsed since that training had occurred.

To further aggravate the situation, RCMP management — is there such a thing? — failed to make policy changes and improvements in the use of tasers, even when directed to do so by a House of Commons committee. Surely the RCMP Management Goons could forsee a time when their policy on taser use would be called into question — couldn’t they? And if they couldn’t, then obviously the goons of management had their heads so far up their red-serge-covered asses as to be completely unrecognizable as actual management.

Day after day at the Braidwood Inquiry, new revelations continue to surface regarding the stupidity of a once-revered police force, such revelations helping to further lead the goon squad mounties to complete and utter disrepute.

Link to article here on Goon Squad taser use.

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