Brave Mountie cowed by stapler, mocked by citizens

As revered as the RCMP* were in the past, this reverence is now history, having disappeared completely with the latest revelations during the ongoing inquiry to determine why the Mounties killed a completely innocent man with multiple taser “blasts”.

Robert Dziekanski had committed no crime. He wasn’t under arrest. Yet four members of the RCMP descended on him as though he was the greatest threat to law and order Canada has seen since the Quebec FLQ kidnapped and murdered innocent people.

Commission counsel Art Vertlieb questioned how four officers wearing body armour, carrying handguns and armed with pepper spray and collapsible batons could be frightened of Dziekanski. –Petti Fong,

During the ongoing inquiry into the murder of Mr. Dziekanski, one of the four RCMP dumb oxen who responded to Mr. Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport testified to and demonstrated the following:

Millington stood up at one point during his testimony to demonstrate how the stapler had been held by Dziekanski.

He held the stapler at shoulder height with one hand, his other a clenched fist. –Petti Fong,

The public gallery responded, in turn:

Members of the public laughed at the sight and retired judge Thomas Braidwood had to request order. –Petti Fong,

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*Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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