Finally, a reason surfaces for Ontario Bill 117

A pair of dumbasses want to divorce and cause each other some anxiety along the way. Of course, whether it’s about motorcycles or people pissing each other off, what does it matter to the two of them?

“I’ll fix that son of a bitch by making sure he gets as little quality time to bond with our son as he can get,” she thinks.

In my daily parenting plight, I have recently had a new situation cross my path, which has served to be both alarming and perplexing. To make a long story as concise as possible, my soon to be ex-husband has decided, to my chagrin, that my son Liam (8 years old) should be a regular passenger on his motorcycle. -Katherine Mellor

I strongly suspect the ex-husband/father is a few bricks short of a load too. I’m sure he probably knew that putting their eight-year-old on the back of his motorcycle in the midst of a divorce would piss his old lady off to no end.

Now an entire province will pay with Bill 117, preventing anyone 14 and under from riding on the back of a motorcycle.

Link to article here.

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