Let’s make fun of…

Ontario has, without a doubt, the ugliest and most boring license plates of any jurisdiction in North America.

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I crossed the Peace Bridge from Buffalo into Ontario, Canada. No problem with that; however, while trying to find my way north to Toronto, I encountered two road signs: Concession Road North and Concession Road South.

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, a concession road is a farm road. Now, why on earth would I take a farm road anywhere? Right. I wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, the Ontario tourist information building – which I could see! – was across on another farm road, and there was absolutely no signage to direct me to it. I know this to be true, because I tried to get to it.

Twenty miles down a road, I finally discovered a sign with directions for Toronto, London and some other mystery destination.

How these southern Ontario farm boys find their way around their own country is a mystery to me, although, I suppose if one is a local farm boy, he already knows how to get to Toronto for his rub and tug.

How about some signage for the tourist?

Better yet, how about some meaningful directional signs right after one leaves the border station?

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