Boredom sets in

No casual breakfast restaurants today. I had to make do with the bagel and juice courtesy of the hotel. I took an apple too. My life is so boring that I’m writing about apples.

The 694 past Minneapolis is a breeze and makes getting past both cities a piece of cake.

The 94 south of Minneapolis is a nice drive, all green and treed, but unfortunately the speed and the traffic removes all the fun. So much for an interstate ride. Traffic is a downer on these highways. What can I say that’s good? Umm… well, one can make time. But that’s about all.

Can you tell I’m bummed by the interstate highway system? Furthermore, I have two more days of the 80 east – well, the 80 breaks off and I ride over the 76 and the 70. I’m hoping that Saturday and Sunday won’t be too bad for traffic. Is that a possibility in the day of four dollar+ gas?

700 miles to go. I could do it in a day, but why bother? I’m actually looking forward to getting off of the interstate system and riding the back roads on Sunday.

I have a severe case of interstate boredom. What’s the cure?

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