All right, so I’m weak. Sue me.

I hit the road a tad earlier than Wednesday.

The weather was good – clear blue and plenty of sunshine with temps in the low 90s. In other words, excellent riding weather. Neither wild horses nor a fine woman could have held me back.

I was sorely tempted when I kept seeing this sign. The 15 south starts at my front door and rolls all the way to Mexico and the Baja, and even though it’s hotter than Texas tar in those parts now, once you get on the coast there’s a nice refreshing breeze.

Maybe next time.

The 15 rolls past my front door all the way to MexicoYeah, yeah, and I’m still weak, but I headed east on Montana 200 out of Great Falls. I still think 200 is a great little two-lane stretch of blacktop. It runs through some pretty nice country, and at this time of year everything is green, except for the canola which has stared to bloom its vibrant yellows. Back in September, the landscape here was all brown.

This time I’ve stopped at a mom and pop in Lewistown called the B&B Motel – 51 bucks a night, tax in, and with wireless to boot – and it’s extremely clean, neat and well kept up. Mom is a former northern California farm girl who’s been living here for 30 years. I can tell by the shape this place is in that mom is one of those people who cares.

A couple of hundred early miles tomorrow morning and I’ll hook onto the boring 94 headed for Minneapolis, good for making time, bad for interesting places and people.

I did a hard and fast ride today. The bike is running well.

And so am I.

Signs - the roadside kind

Every sign I see says “South”.

What’s with that?
Perhaps it’s an omen.

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