Talk of nickle and diming

The Huffington Post and an article by Howard A. Rodman have a pretty good handle on the Writer’s Guild of America strike and what’s involved. Chances are, you won’t hear this from any of the major network news agencies – television, the newspapers or radio. I wonder why?

  • one-half of their membership receives no income in any year;
  • annual median income from screen and television writing work is $5,000;
  • one quarter earns less than $37,700 a year.

…news stories–on radio and television stations owned by the same conglomerates against whom we negotiate–are filled with stories of limo drivers, caterers, florists, waiters, even agents, who might be laid off if the strike is at all protracted. What they don’t talk about so much are the writers, thousands of them, who are putting their houses and cars and families and kids and futures in jeopardy to fight for what they believe is right. And what the conglomerate-owned media talk about even less: that no one on this food chain, from high to low, would be eating without the intellectual property writers create. — The Huffington Post, Howard. A. Rodman

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