Gimme some face

Look at me when I talk to you. Yeah, that’s right. Look at me! I want to see your face! Is that a frown I see? Why aren’t you smiling? You look frightened. Why is that? Are you afraid? What are you afraid of?

…Behavior Detection Officers, and they’re part of several recent security upgrades, Transportation Security Administrator Kip Hawley told an aviation industry group in Washington last month. He described them as “a wonderful tool to be able to identify and do risk management prior to somebody coming into the airport or approaching the crowded checkpoint.” — by Kaitlin Dirrig, McClatchy Newspapers

Link here.

Find a corner, sit down and watch the show, folks. But don’t forget to keep an eye on your bags lest some suspicious-looking BDO should offer to help you with them, all the while watching your face for that pissed off look.

Considering the TSA’s recent record of sippy cups, forcing women to drink their own breast milk and meat cleavers, I’m not so certain that this will go well.

Meat cleaver? Airport? C’mon. Admit it. You never heard of that one and you’re wondering just what the hell is coming next, aren’t you?

I lied about the meat cleaver.

So subject me to an inspection by a Behavior Detection Officer.

4 thoughts on “Gimme some face

  1. yup, pervy & proud. I have a pin around here somewhere.

    it does look like old guys & their daughters eh? haha. I do think biker dudes have more fun than the average joe; must be because they spend so much time with the young ladies, hah. that reminded me (somehow) that someone told me there are actually people who will drive here from out of town (for the stomp), pull their bikes on a trailer, park somewhere outside of town & ride the bikes in. er… what’s the point?! I’m thinking their bikes must be *very* shiny & new looking. wannabes, or just protective of the pricey machinery?

  2. Perve.

    Summerstomp is a new one one me. It looks like a bunch of old guys got together with their daughters for some good, old-fashioned fun. Why is it that those biker dudes always look to be having too much fun, anyway? Must be something about their lifestyle.

  3. just read backwards a bit… sorry to hear your friend had cancer, but glad to know he’s home now.

    I also wondered if you’ve ever heard of this: . it’s already happened this year (and I’ve never been, personally), but it’s always looked fun from a distance & people I know who’ve attended enjoyed themselves.

  4. er, yes Sir!

    actually, Meds, I think you could pretend to be a BDO & inspect *my*, um, behaviours :D.

    well, you did that interrogation bit quite well… I’d give you some face.

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