Alice in wonderland*

*With apologies to Lewis Carroll

The Greatest Country In The World® will be allowing the rabble to demonstrate in favor of the restoration of habeas corpus and the rule of law today in Washington, D.C. Citizens have been without those rights since September of last year, when Congress – incapable of reading anything put before it – abrogated the Constitution.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are some who believe that the Constitution has been in doubt since King George took the throne after he was anointed by the Supreme Court. More have taken it upon themselves to declare that it has been that way only since September 11, 2001. Others might agree that the PATRIOT Act is anything but.

Whatever the case, I wonder how Jose Padilla and others feel about their new-found suporters? I wonder how many of the demonstrators are aware of the length of Mr. Padilla’s incarceration, his lack of access to counsel and the degree to which he has been tortured by the Greatest Country In The World®?

It will be interesting to see if all the King’s men – otherwise known as Batons For Freedom And ReligionTM – will be capable of restraining themselves on live television and not further their cause by pummeling the citizenry into agreeing that what King and Cheney God hath wrought, no mere man shall be allowed to tear asunder.

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