Winning hearts and minds

Moral highground finally regained

The war in Iraq continues to go well, with advances in health care being among the most notable, as evidenced by this May 17 news report from Gorilla’s Guides :

“Doctors, nurses, administrators, and all other staff in Fallujah hospital have gone on indefinite strike after the second episode in as many months in which the American controlled, directed, trained, and financed, green zone forces and police in Fallujah supported by American troops violently stormed the hospital, severely beat staff, and destroyed equipment and supplies.

The strike was called as the result of an attack on members of the rescue crews by green zone forces and green zone police. The police and militia beat the doctors and staff, smashed doors and windows and destroyed quantities of hospital supplies.

According to the young doctor in the hospital who alerted the news agency to this latest attack the attackers: “justified their attacks on the pretext that hospital staff treated the gunmen inside it”.

They obviously didn’t get it right the first couple of times, as seen below, so they moved on to Fallujah, as noted above:

“On May 1st there was a similar attack on Naaman hospital in Adhamiya Baghdad – the same Adhamiya that the Americans have walled off. During that episode all patients, except for three in the intensive care unit who were too desperately ill to be unhooked from their respirators, were ejected from the hospital onto the street, sometimes violently, and snipers were posted on the roof.”

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