RCMP Goon Squad bags another trophy, shoots it in the back

The RCMP Goon Squad, forever on the prowl for new shooting targets victims in British Columbia, has bagged another trophy man by shooting him in the back. To me, that’s not even sporting.

Come on guys, you back-shooters out there should at least grow a testicle and look one of your victims in the eyes before the chickenshit psychos among you pull a trigger. If you can’t bear to look your victim in the eyes, at least take your shot at the victim when he’s facing you.

I mean really, the stapler can’t do a lot of damage unless you’re hard at work writing untrue reports and filing them under “F” for fiction.


Brave Mounties attend dinner theater, arrest performer

You may or may not recall the story of a young man – Tim McLean – stabbed, beheaded and partially eaten by one Vincent Li, while riding on a Greyhound bus near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba on July 29, 2008.

At some point during the feast, and after the bus had come to a halt on the side of the road out in the middle of the bald prairie, the beloved RCMP swat team arrived, decked out in their combat finest. The perimeter was secured – against what I’m unsure, since to my knowledge gophers, deer and pheasant are unarmed – and then the Brave Mounties proceeded to sit outside the bus for over four hours while witnessing Mr. Li consume the various parts of  Tim McLean that tickled his palate.

Brave Mounties occasionally radioed reports back to somewhere, describing the night’s dining delight and entertainment thusly:

Badger is at the back of the bus hacking off pieces and eating it.

No word on whether there was dessert.

Eventually Li exited the bus through a window and fell nearly on top of several Brave Mounties, who had no choice but to finally subdue and arrest the satiated monster. A taser was involved, but apparently the dinner theater performer escaped unfazed — so to speak.

Vincent Li was later committed to a mental institution.

Tim McLean’s parents are suing the Brave Mounties who attended and the RCMP.

All the grisly details are here – not for the faint of heart.

RCMP goon squad

As the Braidwood Inquiry into the death of Robert Dziekanski at the hands of RCMP Goon Squad members in the Vancouver airport progresses, Canadians continue to witness the spectacle of four more mounties goons dragging their beleaguered police force Goon Squad into further disrepute. Time after time, the four Brave Mounties have testified to staggering brutality, ignorance, stupidity and false bravado while defending themselves against a man with a stapler.

They testified that they failed to recall their training, even though a mere three months had elapsed since that training had occurred.

To further aggravate the situation, RCMP management — is there such a thing? — failed to make policy changes and improvements in the use of tasers, even when directed to do so by a House of Commons committee. Surely the RCMP Management Goons could forsee a time when their policy on taser use would be called into question — couldn’t they? And if they couldn’t, then obviously the goons of management had their heads so far up their red-serge-covered asses as to be completely unrecognizable as actual management.

Day after day at the Braidwood Inquiry, new revelations continue to surface regarding the stupidity of a once-revered police force, such revelations helping to further lead the goon squad mounties to complete and utter disrepute.

Link to article here on Goon Squad taser use.

Inquiry judge raises gavel, gets tasered

In keeping with the RCMP’s latest crime-fighting taser techniques against stapler-bearing individuals, inquiry Judge Thomas Braidwood was shocked multiple times by Mounties when they felt threatened by the gavel the judge raised during testimony given by fellow officers.

“It was certainly a defensive measure,” stated the Brave Mountie in charge. “It was our decision based on years of training. We deal with these types of people all the time, and we know best how to safely subdue them.”

There is no word on whether the judge was under arrest at the time.

Brave Mountie cowed by stapler, mocked by citizens

As revered as the RCMP* were in the past, this reverence is now history, having disappeared completely with the latest revelations during the ongoing inquiry to determine why the Mounties killed a completely innocent man with multiple taser “blasts”.

Robert Dziekanski had committed no crime. He wasn’t under arrest. Yet four members of the RCMP descended on him as though he was the greatest threat to law and order Canada has seen since the Quebec FLQ kidnapped and murdered innocent people.

Commission counsel Art Vertlieb questioned how four officers wearing body armour, carrying handguns and armed with pepper spray and collapsible batons could be frightened of Dziekanski. –Petti Fong, thestar.com

During the ongoing inquiry into the murder of Mr. Dziekanski, one of the four RCMP dumb oxen who responded to Mr. Dziekanski at the Vancouver airport testified to and demonstrated the following:

Millington stood up at one point during his testimony to demonstrate how the stapler had been held by Dziekanski.

He held the stapler at shoulder height with one hand, his other a clenched fist. –Petti Fong, thestar.com

The public gallery responded, in turn:

Members of the public laughed at the sight and retired judge Thomas Braidwood had to request order. –Petti Fong, thestar.com

Link to article here.

Link to my previous post.

*Royal Canadian Mounted Police

It’s another coverup


But of course, what would you expect when the Mounties investigate themselves?

According to the RCMP whitewash, Robert Dziekanski

  • had a fear of flying, and
  • drank too much, and
  • had a stapler in his hand.

That’s why he died at the Vancouver airport in October, 2007 — at least according to a report released by the RCMP’s own investigative committee. The fact that he was tasered at least three FIVE times with 50,000 volts of electricity had nothing to do with his death.

Robert Dziekanski’s death was not directly caused by the Taser jolts by STEVE MERTL AND JAMES KELLER, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Yes, of course. It must be so. Canada’s most reputable police force says it is so. But then, what can one expect from big dumb oxen, otherwise known as RCMP officers, who investigate themselves? What a bunch of hypocrites. Cover your big fat dumb asses, boys.

And the Mounties wonder why no one has respect for them any longer.

Here’s a link to another post on how sensitive the Mounties can be when dealing with an 82-year-old criminal in a hospital bed. And another on Mr. Dziekanski.