MAGA Hillbillies are revolting* in Georgia

Adel, Cooks County, Georgia, known as a MAGA Shithole on America’s Very. Own. Shores.

On I-75, a popular route for snowbirds heading south, a speeding Canadian driver was arrested, handcuffed, and thrown in jail for driving with a Canadian driver’s licence. Note that it wasn’t the speeding that was a problem. Good luck getting some of those Canadian tourist dollars in the former Puddleville.

My greatest hope is that all the Great American States, in their haste to Make America Great Again (good luck with that), will copy Georgia’s initiative, and do the same.

God. Save. The. Queen.

Can you believe this shit? In another life (the same as this life), Adel was known as Puddleville. Because POTHOLES. The site makes no mention of Hillbilly Assholes, but seeing as it’s not far from Valdosta…

I wonder if it was raining.

Enough of that New Deal shit, too. Georgia has obviously had enough education rammed down its fair citizens’ throats. Chief Hillbilly Chad Castleberry wants you all to know how committed and dedicated his Professional Hillbillies are to serving the public.

* take it any way you want it

No guns. “Another reason not to venture to the dark north.”

“Screw Canada.”

It’s all because someone thought didn’t think:

“it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that someone would forget a gun in their car,” a Canadian lawyer said. It’s no different than leaving a pair of hockey skates in your car in Canada. And you American basterds stole all of Canada’s Good Hockey Players.

Sorry, but I just couldn’t help editorializing with that last sentence. I am driven to say that Canadian and lawyer are kind of an oxymaroon when taken in that context.

Thank you, American Gun Nuts supreme. Canada needs more publicity like this in order for that wall to get as high as possible. Please tell everyone. Oh, wait. The NRA is quite capabley doing that.

Mexico as banana republic

At a recent press conference, some former Mexican parliamentarian, while visiting the true north, strong and free (Canada, for the uninitiated), whined about deteriorating relations between the two countries. Apparently, Mexico is pissed that Canada doesn’t want a plague of snowshoe-wearing Mexicans thrust upon its southern border.

Relations between Canada and Mexico have deteriorated badly under the Stephen Harper government and won’t improve as long as Harper remains prime minister – Rosario Green, chair of Mexican Congress foreign affairs committee, via

Well, Ms. Green, by your own admission:

According to Green, most of the Mexicans who seek asylum in Canada are not fleeing mistreatment at the hands of Mexican officialdom, but fear attack by the drug cartels that plague her country. – the

So then, because Mexico is unable and unwilling to govern itself, Canada should take up the slack? Not bloody likely.

Ottawa slapped a visa requirement on Mexican visitors, a measure the government says was necessary to reduce a mounting tide of “bogus” Mexican refugee claims. –

More whining and sniveling ensued because Ms. Green was subjected to the following before being granted a visa to set foot in Canada:

officials at the Canadian embassy in Mexico required her to provide, among other documents, a copy of the property title to her Mexican home, copies of her last six bank statements and a letter from the Mexican Congress confirming her position and salary

And why not? Perhaps she too was trying to escape attack by the drug cartels that plague her country.

Link to article here.

Here’s the real problem for America:

It’s the Mexican border, stupid.

Oh, sorry. I digress. The real problem.


  • Politicians.
  • Ignorance of the facts.
  • Believing what you are fed.
  • A mind that doesn’t question.
  • Handlers and briefers that have no clue whatsoever, and are unable or unwilling to educate themselves in an unbiased manner.

For example, see here for recent and current information from an American of note, i.e., Mark Borkowski, executive director of the Secure Border Initiative at Customs and Border Protection. Did anyone read his report?

On the other hand, it is America’s border, and they, and only they, can be held responsible for who they let into their country. The fact that they refuse entry to a few people who appear on a terror watch list who might happen to be attempting entry via Canada, or any other country, is America’s problem.

One more pet peeve, if you will allow me the indulgence for a moment: For Christ’s sake, is there an American anywhere who knows where the 9/11 terrorists originated? There must be one somewhere. There’s a war going on over it right this very minute in Iraq.

If you believe that, I’ve got some prime residential property in Florida to sell you at an unbelievable price. Trust me, and in 12 to 18 months you’ll recoup all of your previous losses with this property.

Here’s a link to a previous post on the border blame game. If you’re unsure where the 9/11 terrorists originated, you might want to have a look.

Who has the keys?

This guy is Canadian? Wonder of wonders. I am so proud.How difficult would it be to put the keys on a pegboard inside the hangar? Perhaps in a locked box, even?

It was sitting as usual parked on the ramp. The keys are in all the aircrafts because students are using them.

I know, I know, some of us can barely manage to find our car keys when we need them, but even so…

Question: Where did this “Canadian” learn to fly? Inquiring minds want to know. Update: Apparently he learned at the flight school from which he stole the airplane.

I wonder who will get the bill for this fiasco?

Link here.

An added thought: I wonder when Canada will wise up to its own sad immigration policy and get some smarts?

FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN that Leon, formerly known as Yavuz Berke, was born in Turkey and became a Canadian citizen last year.

This is not an April Fool’s joke

It must be due to the massive migration of coldbacks:

1,500 agents along the northern border were involved in the arrests of 7,925 individuals last year. During the same time, 705,005 people were arrested on the southwest border with Mexico (italics and emphasis mine), where 16,500 agents currently are assigned. -Mark Borkowski, executive director of the Secure Border Initiative at Customs and Border Protection

For the geographically challenged among us, America’s northern border is with Canada, not Russia. Alaska’s border is with Russia.

Apparently. (Now that’s an April Fool’s joke.)

And finally, if you have no idea, a coldback is a Canadian heading south to the southern United States to spend the winter, from whence he returns to the glories of a Canadian spring in magnificent bloom. The term is most often confused by House and Senate members, as well as Border Patrol agents, with wetback, but it has absolutely nothing to do with wetback beaners, since most rivers in Canada are frozen from November to May.

Earlier post on the big border snore here.