CBC Radio One and Two new internet stream URLs

The CBC in its infinite wisdom has seen to changing their stream URL addresses as of August 25, 2016. Since I listen using a Logitech Squeezebox and a Grace Digital Primo, I was fortunate to find this page, where anyone who cares can add a CBC Radio stream from the interwebs:


With the Primo, log in and go to the My Streams page. Add the stream(s) of your choice. Unplug the radio for a reset, plug it back in, and your stream will be located in My Stuff / My Streams.

I’m currently in discussions with Grace Digital/ECOXGEAR about adding the streams. It appears they may be geographically restricted, as in, if you don’t have a Canadian IP, you’re out of luck.

If that’s the case, you might try Windscribe, a Canadian VPN with a free plan. Look for a discount code online. I picked one up for Windscribe’s lifetime subscription for U$49.00. I’m so happy with Windscribe that I can heartily recommend it.

The Logitech Squeezebox appears to have already installed the new streams.

Dear 360 Safe Global

360 Safe Global, your software is trash.

Where’s your user forum? Where’s your user support? Where do I go find out why I’m unable to run a program after I’ve installed your software? Why won’t my software run on my laptop after installing your trash?

Why must I send an email to beg for support?

360 Safe Global, this is for you: Your software is trash.

In other words, go back to the drawing board. Take your time. I’m not the only one that is having problems with your simply mah-velous shit.


Mayalasia Air flight MH370 and Chris Goodfellow

For a more compelling and informed analysis of what might have happened to Malaysia Air flight MH370, take a look at Chris Goodfellow’s detaileded analysis. His discussion is much more appropriate than those proffered by bleating, ill-informed and ignorant media asshats found on cable “news” reality teevee*.

* With apologies to actual, useless reality teevee productions.

Massive botnet attack

Update March 6 2319 local: It’s finally over at just a few minutes before midnight. I tried tallying the number of login attempts, but they were too numerous and too fast to total. There were thousands.


There’s a massive botnet attack going on right now that is targeted at WordPress blogs. How do I know? This blog is one of the targets for the botnet attack. So far, thanks to the free plugin Wordfence, I’ve been unaffected, and I’m getting many hundreds – if not a thousand – hits an hour.

If you’ve got a WP blog as an independent web site, I strongly recommend that you log in, select Plugins / Add new and type in Wordfence to get a plugin that will negate the targeted attack.

Once you’ve done that and activated Wordfence in your sidebar Plugins, locate Wordfence in the sidebar menu and select Options:

We recommend ensuring that all your WordPress admin accounts are using strong passwords, that you have Wordfence installed and the number of login failures set to 20 or less on the Wordfence options page. [ mine is set to 5 ]

You should have “Count login failures over what time period” set to 5 minutes and “Amount of time a user is locked out” set to 1 hour. An hour may not seem like much, but it will effectively defeat a password guessing attack. [ I’ve set mine for one day until this silliness is over ]

We also recommend you enable “Participate in the Real-Time WordPress Security Network” because this will immediately lock out any attacks from the Botnet that is responsible for the current attack. [ this may be already selected ]

You’re welcome and good luck.

CloudFlare: Fail

I’m not even going to provide a link to this massive time sink that’s advertised to protect and accelerate any website online. In fact, it shut down access to three of five websites on the same provider. I didn’t even bother to query CloudFlare on the problems. Instead, I deleted all of my CloudFlare settings, did a reset, and everything is working fine now with all websites accessible.

CloudFlare: Fail.