Day 37

While America burns, media conglomerates continue to praise The Shitstain’s wonderful world¬†wonderful version of American dystopia. They pat themselves on the back, congratulating one another on their foresight for helping to elect a blithering idiot to assist with their financial bottom lines.

Elected representatives refuse to meet with constituents, citing the dangers inherent in the rabble’s discontent. The rabble, unable to force change at this late date, wonders why. They walk away, gleefully shaking their heads, and stick their collective heads up their asses while sending texts into the void congratulating themselves for a job of discontent done well. Unfortunately, texts from the shitter sent with pants down around ankles, shitstained fingers tapping merrily away, will too pass into obscurity quicker than The Shitstain’s next tweet.

Distraction is everything.

America continues on its downward spiral, sold willingly down the toilet. It somehow manages to stay afloat on The Shitstain’s river, well on its way to being disgorged into irrelevance and to the banana republic status it so richly deserves. The only thing that surprises me is how quickly it has happened.

Fortunately, it’s a weekend. The Shitstain’s twitter twatting will be limited to the fake news published on Friday that he is capable of remembering.

How do you see your America coming along now, Les Moonves and CBS? Oh, right. Sorry. It’s good for CBS, therefore it’s good for America. Nothing to see here. Move along.

And this is only Day 37.

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