I like the sound of America’s Republican ass-kissing*

The stench that goes along with it is admirable all by itself. It didn’t take long for the Publican nay-sayers to assume the position, disavow the need for lube for their already well-primed orifices, and holler, “Full speed ahead, you Piece of Shit”. That the Piece of Shit-elect is doing it à la carte while pretending to involve We The People, is priceless.

The corporate press is beginning to line up nicely, and not unexpectedly. Next will be Big Corp, Inc. with declarations of support for the Piece of Shit-elect. Was IBM the first? You know, because a piece of shit deserves a chance, just like any other neo-Fascist and his minions.

America has been ramming its shit up the asses of countries both big and small for too many decades. While I must admit to having some sympathy for the majority, I do believe that it is long overdue for America to have a taste of what it has been exporting to countries around the world.

How does it taste, We The People? You’re still trying to spit, aren’t you? Shut it and swallow. It’s your duty to God and country to make it great again. Your time has come. Wipe the sweat off your foreheads and your balls, keep your lips firmly closed until the next load is dumped, and swallow. It’s good for you. Keep repeating, ” It’s my doodie.”

Question: What color will the shirts be? Red? Blue? Brown? Will they have epaulets? Will the touch of the common, unemployed, ignorant, and uneducated illuminati be known for buttoned, or unbuttoned? Perhaps a humble, autographed t-shirt, sold by the Piece of Shit especially for We The People.

*Always remember, We The People: If a politician is seen to be moving his lips, he’s lying. Even if he’s pretending to read.

Team Orange and transition

clown-carThe cliff is off-screen to the left.

No word yet on internment camps and a renewed HUAC, but any day now…

The Drumpster is well on his way to fucking it* up, as he has done with so many of his businesses.

I’m sorely tempted to call Trump Towering Inferno** and introduce myself as some miscellaneous foreign dick-tater who would like to offer congratulations to the Drumpster fire in the back alley.

Added bonus: The reports of scary clowns are way down now that one has been elected.

*A country, this time.

**With apologies to a movie of the same name.

Sitting U.S. President meets with Piece of Shit

Les Moonves**, Chief Testiculess Officer and general piece of shit media monster, failed to have his toadying CBS network of gutless reporters ask whether the Piece of Shit-elect requested a viewing of Obama’s birth certificate. It was incumbent on the Piece of Shit to ask the question. In fact, his followers demanded it of him during a long, embittered seventeen-month call to duty.

Further to that, the Piece of Shit’s electorate should know, or at least be aware of, the fact that any piece of shit politician moving his lips is lying. In other words, you, like  those before you, got suckered better than old P.T. Barnam could have ever accomplished it.

Senate and House Publicans, too busy placing their hands into empty pockets that will soon be full to overflowing, instead discussed when the time will be right to revive HUAC, by any other name, a rose.

The American tent is on fire. How many suckers will get out alive before the spectacle collapses on itself and is over? No one knows. Just as no one got to hear the Piece of Shit tell President Obama and his family when they will be deported to Hawaii, err, Kenya.

There’s no word yet on whether the Piece of Shit-elect grabbed any snatch while he was visiting the White House.

Inquiring minds want to know.

**Moonves may or may not have said, It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS. He may or may not have added, A Piece of Shit’s place in this election is a good thing.

Following the Moonves proclamation, many were seen to be scraping their boots on the ground in unsuccessful attempts to remove accumulated shit. Unfortunately, network reporters failed to draw conclusions, and instead chose to draw attention to a huge, steaming turd inexorably slithering in a pile of its own shit, while on its way to Washington.