How’s that War on Drugs been workin’ out for ya so far, Amerikuh?

The New York Times revealed Tuesday that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has access to the entirety of telecom giant AT&T’s phone records.

the Hemisphere program enables swifter and more reliable tracking of drug dealers. The program “simply streamlines the process of serving the subpoena to the phone company so law enforcement can quickly keep up with drug dealers… –

What dumbassery.

Of course the American government and the DEA can quickly keep up with drug dealers by using a vast and illegal database. That’s why the importation and use of drugs is way, way down and rapidly decreasing. Because, you know, the government is listening, and the drug dealers are so very afraid.

Unrelated, but I have to say it anyway:

Already the American Constitution lies in tatters. Judges and courts spout corporate and government propaganda in their judgements. The middle class has been raped, pillaged and destroyed by greedy corporations. Politicians of all stripes are bought, sold and traded by big business and the lobbying machines like nothing more than the cattle they are. Mainstream media, owned by giant corporations, ignores and abdicates their responsibilities, then lines up to see who can kiss more government ass, faster.

The biggest joke of all: Ignorant citizens, ad nauseum, hold high three-word signs, much photographed, proudly declaring, We the People.

Doesn’t anyone know the rest of it?

The next two presidential elections will seal the fate of America. If not one of them will begin to put an end to the abject stupidity, there will be no end to the road America has chosen to travel. Ever. Sadly, many nations will be drawn in to Amercia’s nightmare, as others have in the past during related excursions by other countries.

I really hope I’m wrong on this, but I don’t think I will be.

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