First came Pearson’s Thesis DIY, now 8bit is down the toilet

As they say on their web site,  it’s all been swell – unless you’re a paid customer. They even had the temerity to post their picture.

I warned about subscribing to a paid theme, particularly Chris Pearson’s DIY Thesis series of blunders and owner/manager stupidity and pigheadedness. Now 8bit, another fly-by-night paid WordPress theme builder, has closed its doors. You can read about 8bit’s disgruntled paid subscribers and their money-down-the-drain woes here. Don’t take too long, though. They’ll soon be disappearing with all the marbles. And the cash.

Scroll down their page to read some of the comments from disgruntled customers who paid for the theme and “lifetime” support, only to learn that the outfit would be going out of business only a few months later. The joke is on you, sucker.

Here are a few prime reasons for not subscribing to a paid WordPress theme:

this is the final goodbye and the Support Forums will continue to be open for another 30 days – after that we will no longer support our products, including our core product Standard Theme.

The losers can’t even afford to keep the support forums online for the fools that paid for a service. Obviously, the complete incompetence of the outfit extends to “better ideas” too. Adding insult to injury, the hapless losers recommend that their customers could move on to two other paid themes. Yeah, right. I’m sure they’ll be doing that real soon now.

Whatever you do, folks, do not, ever, subscribe to Chris Pearson’s Thesis DIY themes. Consider yourself warned.

If  8bit was capable of paying a few bucks out of the cash they fleeced from recent subscriptions, you’d think they could at least afford to lay out a little of their customers’ money to keep a web site open for a year. Yuk yuk yuk it up, customers. You lose too.

There will be a lot more of this, I’m sure, in the paid theme business. Fortunately, I had nothing invested in 8bit.

Thesis DIY is another matter entirely, and I’m happy that I now have moved away from the loser of a theme and owner/manager/tech support “guru” Chris Pearson who could care less about my investment in a promised product that was never, ever! delivered in a timely manner.

It’s all been swell if you’re pocketing the cash.

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