Inshallah, he will handle it

I never in my entire life thought for one soul-searching minute that I would ever agree with something that Sarah Palin spouted, but in this case, I’m all for it.

Let Allah handle it.

Once again, America will insert its jackboots into the Middle East. And to what benefit? Syria has never known a democracy that actually worked.

So then, America, get over your view of yourself as a world policeman. Nobody really gives a shit, other than a few 24-hour news programs that sell commercials on the backs of gas attacks and people butchering each other, and the warhawks that support the military-industrial complex that runs your puppet government.

Leave the foreign devils to sort it out on their own. And, while I’m on the subject of America’s interventionist foreign policy, take your jackboots out of every other country in the world while you’re at it. No one wants you in their country. No one. Bring your rust-bucket navy home, along with those blood-thirsty marines that strut about and generally screw things up, whether they’re in combat or just sitting around on their fat American asses.

To use a phrase that became quite common in the ’60s and ’70s, ignorant, vicious, blood-sucking, murdering, crude and cruel, Yankee go home*.

Where’s the SDS when you really need it?

*Well, all right, I added ignorant, vicious, blood-sucking, murdering, crude and cruel, but I don’t think it’s out of context.

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