What a tragedy

RNC votes to exclude CNN, NBC from 2016 presidential primary debates

Now there’s a vote-getter if there ever was one. Please stop giving these guys guns, lest they run out of feet.

I so look forward to the comedy shows that the Republican National Committee airs on the eve* of every election. I might add that I don’t actually watch the performances by the comedians. I much prefer the abridged versions that make them a laughingstock. Which brings to mind a question: Why don’t more of the homegrown idiots end up being laughed out of the stadium, or, eatenĀ  by the lions?

As for those that are absolutely not homegrown, e.g. Ted Cruz, please keep him. k thx

* Eve? That silliness goes on forever. What America really needs** in its government is a Loyal Opposition. (Forgive me. It’s a Wikipedia link because I figure no one will read it anyway.)

** Well, okay, I must admit that I’m no expert on American government, but I do tend to avoid Faux News. Might that qualify me?

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