Canada’s Sierra Club

is headed by a moron. Although, I suppose he keeps his paying members happy, which is the most important thing to keep the cash flowing to fund the stupidity he talks about and proposes.

So far, he’s come out against nuclear power, hydro-electric power, pipelines and sunshine. Sorry, I made up the part about an opposition to sunshine. He should pull his head out in order to let a little shine in.

No nuclear, no river dams, no pipelines. Just how does such an organization propose to keep civilization running? Moss? Wood fires? Nope, we can’t have wood fires either. Too much pollution is caused by wood smoke.

Oh, oh, unless… Wind turbines. But wait, wind turbines make too much unbearable low frequency noise.

Solar. Yes! Solar. Sunshine and blue skies will solve all the problems.




The stupidity of airport security theater

Have you ever wondered why your laptop gets so much scrutiny and your other electronic devices so little? It’s all about keeping up appearances.

“I happened upon a security expert who asked that he not be identified because he has worked on related issues with the Department of Homeland Security. He said that the laptop rule is about appearances, giving people a sense that something is being done to protect them. “Security theater,” he called it.”

“If the government really wanted to cover the dangers posed by electronics, he said, it would need to carefully inspect all manner of electronics, from phones to netbooks to tablets, to look for increasingly small and sophisticated weapons.” —The Mystery of the Flying Laptop, The New York Times, April 4, 2012.

Morons, all of them.