Who have they become?

How nice to be living right next door to a country such as this.

[snip] the apparent process by which U.S. citizens can be marked as a capture or kill target is designed to protect the president legally. A secret panel out of the White House’s National Security Council reportedly makes the decision, and informs the president [snip] —the Slatest, March 5, 2011

Pathetic, isn’t it?

You’d think Canada had been picked up and moved next door to the Middle East, the Far East, or dropped beside a banana republic in Central or South America. America has turned itself into what it pretends to be against. Even citizens have no human rights-no surprise there given what the country has been doing for decades now. What goes around, comes around.

What a sad spectacle America is in a world it purports to remake in its own image.

Who have they become?