Polar Electro straps and wrist bands are cheap trash

The T31 transmitter on my Polar Electro has broken at one end and is now unwearable. After dutifully trolling the internet for this cheap trash POS, it is apparently a common problem, not only for the heart transmitter, but also for their cheap trash POS watch bands.

Rather than pay prime replacement rate for a Polar Electro T31 cheap trash POS, I have decided to fix this cheap trash POS Polar Electro T31 myself.

Good luck getting me to ever purchase another cheap POS manufactured by Polar Electro.

Should you ever need to replace the battery in this thing, there are plenty of videos covering instructions on how to replace the transmitter battery. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for a new heart transmitter, considering the battery is only a couple of bucks.

Dreams in the night

I dreamed of you last night. It was a good night.

You’re still with me, after all these years. Your smile is the same. The corners of your mouth turn up the way they always do when you look at me. Your dark eyes shine. Your long, raven hair still gets in the way of everything. Your cheek still caresses mine.

I never did tell you how afraid I was of you at first. I’m sorry it took so long to get to know you because of that. It was the fear. You said it was the same for you. Now I understand. I hope you do too. I’m so sorry for the time we allowed that fear to steal from us.

Your smile, your laughter. The sound of your voice. The way you moved. The way you walked. The way you looked at me.

I tried to scream. I couldn’t. Instead, I woke. Awake, I was unable still to scream, so filled with despair.

Dreams of you in the night don’t come as often now. When they do it’s as though you are here still, and I am grateful for that fleeting comfort. Wherever you are, you are well, I trust, and happy, as before when we were together.

—Make my bed and light the light, for I’ll be home late tonight, Blackbird, bye, bye…