Arab spring and OWS

The Arab spring has finally come home to roost in North America, and America in particular. I wonder how long it will take for nervous State politicians to call out the Guard?

I expect that local police Captains are anxious to put their shiny new tactical vehicles to work sweeping the streets of the riffraff as it accumulates. So far they appear to be showing remarkable restraint in that regard, but I wonder how long that restraint will last. You can’t equip a police department with all of those new toys, point them at massive citizen unrest, and not expect them to put the toys to what they would consider to be good use.

If the support and momentum for the demonstrations lasts throughout the winter, it should be very interesting times come spring.

Yes, I support the OWS demonstrators, most particularly in America. They need all the help they can get down there.



2 thoughts on “Arab spring and OWS

  1. Well, they’re happily pepper spraying old ladies and pregnant women… Also NYC has stated that the press isn’t allowed to report on police activity. Nice.

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