Movember stupidity

Can someone explain to me exactly how growing a moustache for thirty days contributes to anything other than facial hair that looks childish and ridiculous? The majority of men complain about it, can’t wait to shave it off, and have absolutely no desire to do it again–unless, of course, they’re a public figure attempting to curry favour with the television station they work for. Naturally, the station likes to have people thinking that they’re relevant and contributing to society–by having their male on-air windbags grow hair.

Movember. It has to be the stupidest prank on men ever perpetrated.

Arab Spring is alive and well in America

I have to applaud the students at UC Davis for their non-violent response to the campus police who were attempting to clear a way through non-violent demonstrators. You’ll have to watch the entire 8-minute video to see what the students did to end up winning.

There’ll be a lot more winning before this is over. Unfortunately, there will be violence also, but not in this case. Here’s a link to the full article.

I particularly enjoyed UC Davis’ Chanceller Robert Birgenau’s confusion and abject ignorance over what constitutes non-violence. He too is so obviously afraid.

Thank you Ghandi, Rosa Parks, et al for your refusal to be quite literally beaten into submission.

Police pepper spraying and arresting students at UC Davis – YouTube

Arab spring and OWS

The Arab spring has finally come home to roost in North America, and America in particular. I wonder how long it will take for nervous State politicians to call out the Guard?

I expect that local police Captains are anxious to put their shiny new tactical vehicles to work sweeping the streets of the riffraff as it accumulates. So far they appear to be showing remarkable restraint in that regard, but I wonder how long that restraint will last. You can’t equip a police department with all of those new toys, point them at massive citizen unrest, and not expect them to put the toys to what they would consider to be good use.

If the support and momentum for the demonstrations lasts throughout the winter, it should be very interesting times come spring.

Yes, I support the OWS demonstrators, most particularly in America. They need all the help they can get down there.