The Mar de Cortés makes waves

ErikOne of my old stomping grounds is in the news, and not in a good way. I have been on the Sea of Cortez–or Vermilion Sea–when she decides to rock and roll, and it’s not a pleasant experience. When el torito struck the Erik, I’m sure there wasn’t much, if any, notice. Fortunately, it wasn’t far offshore, and some were able to make shore and walk for help.

The Erik runs out of San Felipe, Baja. It’s not a small craft, and was built by the Dutch to handle the often chaotic North Sea.

I can highly recommend the somewhat isolated and small fishing village of San Felipe as a quick weekend cross-border ride. I’ve always enjoyed my time spent in San Felipe. The Sol was good, the fish tacos were excellent, the water was drinkable, and the ambiance wasn’t bad either. As always, a smile and some ability to speak the local language wouldn’t hurt, but most everyone you’ll encounter can speak some English.

I’ve ridden the Baja from north to south and back again many times. In particular, I enjoyed being in La Paz the most, and wouldn’t hesitate to return in the slightest. La Paz is a city of around 250,000, but it maintains a vibe that is much smaller. It’s off the beaten path of the more popular Cabo destinations, and thus escapes much of the revelry and party atmosphere that Cabo visitors have come to expect. In other words, La Paz is a joy to experience, but as always, your mileage may vary.Baja, California

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