Alberta government stupidity continues unabated

A helicopter accident occurred on the Slave Lake forest fire. The pilot was killed during an ongoing water bucketing operation. Transport Canada, the federal agency responsible for doing the accident investigation, has been unable to acquire a helicopter to retrieve the wrecked aircraft. It sits, on its back, in shallow water about 10 metres (30 feet) from shore, where it appears day-after-day on television.

Apparently, all of the available helicopters capable of lifting the damaged machine out of the water are being used in the area by Alberta to fight forest fires. They can’t be made available.

That is unbelievable!–especially given that some of those helicopters remain near to the incident, and are still involved in fire fighting operations. Do you mean to tell me that for the couple of hours needed, an aircraft can’t be made available to retrieve an aircraft that was involved in fighting the Slave Lake fire? In which a pilot was killed?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

The pilot was retrieved by some quick-thinking fire fighters, who were unable to resuscitate him onshore.


2 thoughts on “Alberta government stupidity continues unabated

  1. the guy that wrote this is an idiot. He should pull his head out of his ass and take a look at the real world

    • Sadly, john, it’s the truth. Every medium helicopter in the country was on hire by the Alberta government to fight fires in the area, but in their collective wisdom, they were unable to release one of them in a timely manner to retrieve the wrecked helicopter. To me, that is complete incompetence on someone’s part.

      Meanwhile, the media continued for days to show images of the upended helicopter laying in four feet of water. Go figure.

      What’s not real-world about all that, john?

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