Earth Hour stupidity

Earth Hour mandates sitting in the dark. At night.


The northern hemisphere, of which I am an inhabitant, gets enough mandated darkness during the winter months. Does anyone really believe that sitting in the dark for an hour will do anything except contribute to a warm fuzzy feeling for the accomplishment of absolutely nothing meaningful?

Partygoers at last year’s worldwide event who didn’t want to sit in the dark at home were confronted by LED lanterns and flashlights, and could sit in the dark outside with others–if the LEDs were extinguished. Those in the less civilized parts of the world without access to modern amenities continued to participate by sitting in the dark. They must be commended for their diligence.

Does anyone think they dimmed their firepits?

Earth Hour.

What a concept.

Gfeller Casemakers Moleskine leather cover

Gfeller notebook cover

Update March 20, 2016: Five years later, I can report that the Gfeller covers, both large and small, are nicely aged and are performing just as reliably as when first purchased. I still can’t recommend the Gfeller covers enough.

*     *     *

Update: I liked my small Gfeller cover so much I bought one for my larger Moleskine. Furthermore, two-and-a-half years later, both of Gfeller’s leather Molskine covers have aged nicely and look fantastic. I can’t recommend these enough.

*     *     *

If you’re a fan of Moleskine notebooks, you’ll be a huge fan of these Gfeller leather covers. Here’s a link to a review better than I could ever write. All I can say is that I now have mine, and I’m thinking of ordering another for the large Moleskine. If you want to see true craftsmanship, watch their video.

I’ve got mine (NC.SNH) on the soft-covered Moleskine and it fits just fine, although it’s made for the hard-cover Moleskine. Added bonus: with the soft-cover Moleskine, I can slide a pen under the cover and still use the elastic to keep it closed.

If you’re outside the U.S., you’ll have to order by email/PayPal, or order by phone and pay by credit card. Don’t be in a hurry to get it. It takes time. Mine took a month–but considering the quality of the product, who cares how long it takes?