Looking for a live feed from Egypt?

Here’s a link to al Jazeera’s live English feed.

You’re sure to find actual facts and much more relevance by watching their feed. Oh, and it’s uninterrupted by commercial breaks. Furthermore, the feed has actual commentators that make sense and are knowledgeable about the country and its current situation.

You won’t find that on the challenged U.S. domestic networks. CNN prefers to break to commercials to sell nothing in particular and promote their American feeds. I guess if it there’s no Tea Partier screaming from a resort balcony in Egypt, there won’t be much relevant coverage in CNN’s effort to continue to kiss U.S. government ass. If the best CNN can come up with is a commentator who has been in Egypt last year, I don’t hold out much hope for the remainder of the day’s coverage by them.

Tanks and APCs are rolling through the streets, demonstrators are on their way to the interior ministry and many tens of thousands throughout Egypt’s cities are demonstrating and rioting.

CNN makes no mention of Mubarak’s 30-year dictatorship. How strange. I wonder if CNN will show images of Egyptian troops who have been called out to quell the demonstrators shaking hands with them instead.

The stupidity never ceases to amaze me. CNN is continuing to stream completely unreadable tweets. Jesus, is there no end to ignorance and stupidity of this network? Are they not aware that none of the tweets are actually from Egypt? The internet and wireless phone system has been completely and entirely shut down in Egypt.

CNN continues to capitalize on the situation by showing yet more commercials. Good for them. A money-making opportunity shouldn’t be squandered on actual events happening in the Middle East that are critical to U.S. interests.

A CNN commentator continues to call it a peaceful protest.

>>> uncontrollable laughter <<<

Perhaps CNN could throw up some tweets about the gunfire coming from around key government buildings in the capital. Which begs the question, does anyone at CNN knows what city is the capital?

Now al Jazeera is highlighting that Mubarak may no longer be in control. CNN? Your reaction to that? Knock knock. Hello? Are you awake? Is anyone there?

CNN, in its constant quest for broadcast integrity, continues to show an Egyptian State TV feed. Morons, all of them.

I watched in embarrassment as stuttering, stumbling, fumbling and bumbling White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tried to explain to Americans corporate media reporters shills what the hell is going on in Egypt. Obviously, he wasn’t watching al Jazeera. Let’s hope he wasn’t getting his information from American media.

Meanwhile, Egypt’s military chief has cut short his visit to the U.S. I think he’s a tad late with that.

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