New York Burgers

New York Burgers, Winnipeg

Update June 2011: I stopped in at lunchtime while I was on a ride. Lo and behold, Onof just happened to be on the premises, so we had a bit of a chat. No shirts though. He doesn’t keep them on-site. The burgers are as good as ever, and the parking lot is still full.

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No, not the Big Apple.

It’s in Winnipeg. At the end of Weston Street where it meets Notre Dame.

Fifteen years ago, it was a pretty good spot for a burger at lunch – hold the chili for me, thanks. A good bun, fresh ingredients and a clean building.

It still is.

A bit of trivia: The two young guys who first went into the business had their original location near a high school. It wasn’t long before their young age and the local color got the better of them, so they sold the place and relocated to where they are now. Added bonus: they got to keep more cash in their pockets.

One of the partners sold out, and Onof became the sole owner. He’s a pretty good guy, but he’s only there during lunch. Stop by and say hello for me, and see if he has any shirts yet.

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