Midphase / ANhosting loses a customer

Update October 4, 2010: I canceled a two-year account and received no refund, even though there was over a year and a half remaining on my account. Thanks for nothing, Midphase / ANhosting.

Folks, leave this outfit in the dust and ignore their fancy recruiting website.

*     *     *

Some time ago I switched hosts. Now that I’ve experienced interminable load times with no sign of of a fix for a week while using Midphase / ANhosting, I’m back with lunarpages.

How not to impress a customer looking for support

A litany of excuses:

  • Our slow load times are because of this specific WP plugin.

Okay, so I’ll just disable all of my plugins on all of my sites and shoot that theory to hell. You betcha.

  • The reason our CPanel is so slow to load/freezes today is because we’re doing server maintenance. We’ve switched so many of our customers to your server that other users are hogging all of the bandwidth.

Right. But what about the past seven days with the same problems? Uh-huh.

  • Google is taking up too much bandwidth by indexing all of the sites on your server during the day, so we’re limiting access to everyone until the early morning hours.

I didn’t even get up early in the morning to check that one out. Give me a break.

Bye bye Midphase. So long ANhosting. I don’t think I’m gonna cry.*

*With apologies to the Everly Brothers.

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