WordCampTV is a snore

It’s a time waster.

I don’t mean to pick on this guy. I’ve viewed more than a few videos, and most of them were timewasters like this one.

  • Three minutes to get the computer working.
  • Another two minutes of wasting my time to get to the final product. Five minutes wasted.
  • An un-viewable overhead screen.

Presenter comments: “It hurt my head.” “Blown away.” “Not a big fan of phpBB.”

Okay, so we know he doesn’t like bbPress or phpBB. That could have been covered by a single statement, not 15 minutes of video. So far, 15 minutes of my time has been wasted and I’ve learned nothing.

Audience members ask questions, but I have no idea what questions are asked because I can’t hear them.

Now he checks his phone. Is a nuclear attack imminent?

The speaker likes vBulletin, but the actual site is clunky. Welcome to the world of computers. When you can’t solve the site’s problem, why waste my time telling me about it for five or ten minutes? I’m smart enough to know that more than likely, I’m going to have the same problems.

He can’t get into his computer for some of the overheads. What’s the point of the process if he can’t demonstrate? Mind you, that doesn’t really matter because we can’t see most of them anyway, even when the camera occasionally focuses onto the viewing screen.

So far, I’ve burned half an hour and we’re nowhere.

Apparently, this thing ran for an hour but I shut it down after 37 minutes. I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Thank goodness there’s a sidebar link to notes.

I went with Simple:Press Forum. It too is a plug-in that integrates nicely with WordPress.

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