Vodka banned in Ontario

Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

The joke just keeps on getting better.

The Province of Ontario has banned the sale of vodka in its state-owned and controlled liquor stores – as if Ontario wasn’t enough of a bad joke already in its quest for goodness. Long known as Ontario the good by many of it’s citizens, the silly little province has chosen to again make itself the laughing-stock of the nation by outlawing a bottle of vodka.

“The image of the human skull is the thing that’s really problematic for us,” said Liquor Control Board of Ontari-ari-ari-o spokesman Chris Layton.

I’m touched by Layton’s concern for the crystal skull’s representation of death, but I’m thinking that he’s had one too many to make any sensible decisions in his quest to keep Ontario-the-good safe from the consumers of vodka.

Why not just ban it all?

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2 thoughts on “Vodka banned in Ontario

  1. It’s only that particular brand of vodka that’s banned. Apparently, the design/shape of the bottle resembling a skull presents some kind of a problem for the do-gooders of the LCBO in Ontario. You can buy your likker in any other style of bottle, however.

    I know. I can’t figure it out either – and I used to live there!

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