I’ve been plagued with a pox of spam bots

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about these dumbasses. Aren’t they aware that there are plugins available to block them? They don’t care about that though.

Before installing a plugin I was getting 80 to a hundred attempted comment spam posts – which ended up in my approval que. Now they can’t get through at all, thanks to Bad Behavior and an access key from Project Honey Pot.

I’m left wondering why or how they all of a sudden chose my site to bombard with their endless stream of stupidity. I must have pissed someone off when I used samspade.org to blow the cover of a couple of spammers and report them to their hosts.

On a more constructive note, I’ve now changed the god-awful sidebar and footer colors to something new. It will be easier on the eyes, I trust. In know it’s easier on my eyes.

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