I’ve been plagued with a pox of spam bots

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about these dumbasses. Aren’t they aware that there are plugins available to block them? They don’t care about that though.

Before installing a plugin I was getting 80 to a hundred attempted comment spam posts – which ended up in my approval que. Now they can’t get through at all, thanks to Bad Behavior and an access key from Project Honey Pot.

I’m left wondering why or how they all of a sudden chose my site to bombard with their endless stream of stupidity. I must have pissed someone off when I used samspade.org to blow the cover of a couple of spammers and report them to their hosts.

On a more constructive note, I’ve now changed the god-awful sidebar and footer colors to something new. It will be easier on the eyes, I trust. In know it’s easier on my eyes.

All done and running

Earlier today I finished updating my fourth site, and they’re all good to go now. I’m surprised at how little effort it actually took. In the event of problems I had backups, but basically all it amounted to was chasing down a few misguided urls in a database file and re-doing a single page on another blog.

I have never liked switching DNS servers. Since I can’t actually remember the last time I did switch – it was probably seven or eight years ago – I was concerned, but WordPress made it all pretty pain-free.

Of course, I had pages saved from two sites that outlined the procedures they used, so I wasn’t completely in the dark. I followed them to the letter for the most part, and here we all are.

Perhaps I’ll work on the colors tomorrow.

For the Catholic church, a final solution

Retired Bishop Giacomo Babini

Retired Bishop Giacomo Babini

Giacomo Babini, a retired Bishop of the Italian town of Grosseto, told the Catholic Pontifex website that the Catholic pedophile scandal is being orchestrated by the

“eternal enemies of Catholicism, namely the freemasons and the Jews, whose mutual entanglements are not always easy to see through… I think that it is primarily a Zionist attack, in view of its power and refinement. They do not want the church, they are its natural enemies. Deep down, historically speaking, the Jews are God-killers.”

That ought to put the fear of God into all of them.

I wonder how many Jewish boys were bent over the Catholic church’s alter and buggered? My guess would be none.

I’m thinking that it won’t be long before the people professing to speak for the Catholic church will bring author Dan Brown into the equation in their now-desperate search for a scapegoat. Any scapegoat.

The Vatican finally makes peace…

with the Beatles?

Now then, since you’ve most recently appeased those aged, dirty-haired hippies of yore, how about something on the abused little boys you so fervently pursue in your efforts to bend them to the will of the Roman Catholic church?

It’s long past time to tell your dirty old men to stop pulling their ejaculate-encrusted robes over both of their heads and to force them to come out of their confessionals.

Isn’t it?

Updated: How silly of me to forget for a minute how much the Roman Catholic church likes the young people. Forgiving the Beatles is a perfect way to play to those beloved young people.