We don’t consider ourselves Canadians

Thus sayeth the grand poobah dictator chief of Kahnawake, Quebec in a televised interview on why how the Kahnawake casino slum indian reservation wants everyone with bad the wrong non-native blood off of their rez in ten days. Getting a tad racist are ya, boys?

Link to article here.

Here’s another news flash, chiefey:

If you don’t consider yourself Canadian, how about paying back the hundreds of millions of dollars you’ve accepted from actual tax-paying Canadians over the generations? To be just a little blunt, if you don’t like it where you are, then go somewhere else.


< sound of cricket chirping >

Yeah, I thought so.

Perhaps you might want to

  • talk to the province of Quebec (which, so far, is still in Canada the last time I checked) about that Kahnawake, Quebec designator in your postal code.
  • form your own little third-world country within the borders of Quebec and find out how that will fly with those friendly, neighboring separatistes;
  • join Haiti in a “commonwealth of first nations poverty;”
  • join the United Nations and apply for even more money to waste on your brand, spanking new “nation.”  The rest of the world’s oppressed peoples will be happy to fund your rez-olution.

Because, you know, when you get to be your own country, you can do whatever the hell you want, to anyone you want, any time you want, as long as they’re in your own brand new dictatorship country:

Just beat it, Kahnawake

Just beat it, Kahnawake

  • pound on your desk while making proclamations;
  • “allow” citizens to wear triangles squares doo-rags of varying color to denote their level of purity;
  • ship your citizens off to gulags;
  • build ovens;
  • burn, bay-bee, burn.

And chief, thank you for demonstrating once again that stupidity isn’t limited to white people.

Oops, did I just say white people?