The joke is on passengers when it comes to airline security

If we choose to endure the childish indignity* of an airplane ride, CATSA and the TSA forces each of us to pass successfully through airport security by

  • dumping our lives into a plastic bin;
  • enduring the indignity of being seen as a hijack-crazy, bomb-wearing, foaming-at-the-mouth terrorist, whether we are white, non-Muslim, an 80-year-old grandmother with a cane, or even eight years old.

Just try and complain about all of that silliness and stupidity, and you’ll end up being subjected to further indignities, none of which will prove anything.

Then, when it’s all said and done, and you get on board the aircraft after being subjected to the ridiculousness of it in its entirety,

  • you’re expected to subdue anyone who remotely resembles a Muslim terrorist attempting to set off a bomb on board your aircraft.

Can we sue someone for incompetence here?

Fire. Them. All.

*     *     *

Something else I’ve wondered, and perhaps you have, too: Other than Timothy McVeigh, an Irish Catholic who wasn’t on an airplane and obviously wasn’t a Muslim,

  • since 9/11 has there been a non-Muslim  who has been trying to blow my ass up?

< sound of cricket chirping >

I thought not.

Now certainly, if I can pick up on that teeny tiny bit of intelligence, I’m wondering why the experts aren’t able to grasp it, run with it, and solve the problem – each and every time.

Please consider the foregoing public service announcement a clue for the following:

  • CATSA;
  • Transport Canada;
  • RCMP;
  • TSA;
  • Homeland Security;
  • FBI.

Macleans magazine has a pretty good and lengthy article on airport stupidity. Oops, did I say airport stupidity? I should be getting a visit from the stupidity merchants any day now.

*Yes, it’s an indignity to be subjected to being refused permission to use a lavatory; refused permission to stand up; refused permission to get out of the seat; refused permission to have a blanket or a pillow; refused permission to have access to your possessions in the overhead bin.

If I was back in kindergarten I wouldn’t be subject to such abuses. Why do I have to pay the airlines to do it to me? Note to chickenshit airlines: Start talking to CATSA and the TSA about these and other stupidities that are so affecting your financial bottom lines.