Oh no! Bad Canada!

Canadians currently have their panties in a moist wad over the treatment of some of those detained by our forces operating in Afghanistan. Well, strictly speaking, the detainees weren’t mistreated by Canadian forces. They were mistreated once they were turned over to their own government.

This charge-of-the-prisoner-brigade is being led by Canada’s eastern media conglomerates, including both newspaper and television elements. Their continued feeble attempts to unseat/embarrass Canada’s minority government by any means possible, most recently by tar and feather, is becoming tiresome.

Like the author of the link below, I too have been wondering just what, exactly, Canada should do with the folk heroes prisoners we take in Afghanistan. If they musn’t be turned over to Afghan officials for fear of torture, then what?


  • let’s build a prison to house them all in Afghanistan, staffed by easy-going and friendly Canadians, with guaranteed access to some of that free health care, Tim Hortons and a double-double, on demand.

No? Well then,

  • let’s fly them all to Canada for incarceration in our prison system. This would make them eligible for refugee status, because certainly they would face torture by Afghan citizens upon their return to that miserable zoo rock outcrop country that they call home.

If that’s not good enough,

  • how about a catch-and-release program? We could load our guns with blanks, thus ensuring no one gets hurt. Once a Taliban is captured, he automatically gets tagged with a colored dye, like a bad polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba when he gets too close to town.

After all, we’re fighting for freedom over there, and Canada shouldn’t be fawning over hurting giving special treatment tagging imprisoning polar bears Taliban freedom fighters.

Here is a far more eloquent diatribe by Ezra Levant than I could ever write, but with which I agree, wholeheartedly.

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