Treat airline passengers like guilty schoolchildren

That’ll make ’em think they’re safe.

  • No standing up during the last hour of the flight.
  • No en-route access to flight information .
  • No access to overhead bins.
  • No blankies.
  • No pillows.
  • No going to the bathroom.
  • No getting out of your seat.
  • Keep your hands in plain sight, and for goodness’ sake, don’t raise one to ask to go to the bathroom, or you’ll be put on a no-fly list (which is probably a blessing in disguise these days). Or worse, you’ll be manhandled, shackled and treated like a common criminal, even if you are an 80-year-old grandmother who doesn’t wear a diaper.

And finally,

  • do not under any circumstance, reach into or scratch your crotch!

What the hell!? Are we all back in grade skool, where we need permission to pick our noses and scratch our asses?

Oh, and unnamed (because they’re afraid they’ll be lynched) “government officials” aren’t talking about the restrictions, in case, you know, some incontinent grandmother from Temecula might want to disrupt a flight by using a washroom. The temerity!

Did anyone think to tell the guilty schoolchildren getting off of the flights that they’re not supposed to talk about such childish things to the ever-vigilant media asshats? Round those dogggies bastards passengers  up, chain them together, put their names on all of the no-fly lists that can be found, and pack them off to Guantanamo – or to some prison in Illinois where citizens need the work.

Joe Sharkey puts it all in perspective.

Looking for a free book for that eReader?

I just discovered this free site today. Feedbooks has plenty of grist for the mill, both from the public domain, and from authors who submit their own original works, all free. I’ve picked up several from there, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back for more.

Zorba’s Guide to free ebooks.

Try for more freebies.

The MobileRead Wiki has a huge list of free eBook sites.

Did you get a Sony model? Their Reader Library store has free reading from Google books, all in the public domain. I’ve gotten some good ones there. Added bonus: lots of childhood memories provided by perusing the lists. The Reader Library interface is clunky: no arrow or wheel scrolling unless your mouse is on the sidebar; no back-arrow to previous pages; it’s slow. How 1980-ish.

There’s nothing free at, but check it out.  Become a free member and you’ll get coupons for 25% off of certain publications. Even with the discounts, there are no bargains there.

And finally, here’s a link to some additional software for PC, Mac and Linux computers. With this software you’ll be able to convert books in other formats into ePub volumes. It’s called Calibre. Here’s a link to a discussion of the Calibre eBook management tool.

Links to eBook web sites

Do you have any gems you’ve discovered? Please do leave your finding in the comments section below.

Oh no! Bad Canada!

Canadians currently have their panties in a moist wad over the treatment of some of those detained by our forces operating in Afghanistan. Well, strictly speaking, the detainees weren’t mistreated by Canadian forces. They were mistreated once they were turned over to their own government.

This charge-of-the-prisoner-brigade is being led by Canada’s eastern media conglomerates, including both newspaper and television elements. Their continued feeble attempts to unseat/embarrass Canada’s minority government by any means possible, most recently by tar and feather, is becoming tiresome.

Like the author of the link below, I too have been wondering just what, exactly, Canada should do with the folk heroes prisoners we take in Afghanistan. If they musn’t be turned over to Afghan officials for fear of torture, then what?


  • let’s build a prison to house them all in Afghanistan, staffed by easy-going and friendly Canadians, with guaranteed access to some of that free health care, Tim Hortons and a double-double, on demand.

No? Well then,

  • let’s fly them all to Canada for incarceration in our prison system. This would make them eligible for refugee status, because certainly they would face torture by Afghan citizens upon their return to that miserable zoo rock outcrop country that they call home.

If that’s not good enough,

  • how about a catch-and-release program? We could load our guns with blanks, thus ensuring no one gets hurt. Once a Taliban is captured, he automatically gets tagged with a colored dye, like a bad polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba when he gets too close to town.

After all, we’re fighting for freedom over there, and Canada shouldn’t be fawning over hurting giving special treatment tagging imprisoning polar bears Taliban freedom fighters.

Here is a far more eloquent diatribe by Ezra Levant than I could ever write, but with which I agree, wholeheartedly.

If you’re coming, don’t forget the bananas

(Canada is) behaving with all the sophistication of a chimpanzee’s tea party

But before you get here, clean up your own back yard, and keep your limey prejudices to yourself.

A concerted campaign has now begun to expel Canada from the Commonwealth.

Finally! Thank you, Jesus! The Commonwealth has been an underachiever for decades now. It’s primary raison d’être was for the benefit of the motherland, more commonly known at the time as Great Britain. Britain isn’t so great now.

Canada now threatens the wellbeing of the world.

More than China. More than the United States. More than Pakistan. More than any other country in the world. Imagine that.


You bastards out there had better be on your toes, or we Canadians will drag you down to the level of, uhh, something or other. Maybe.

turning this lovely country (Canada) into a cruel and thuggish place.

Been to Nairobi recently, have you?

I am so tired of the klimate klowns and their incessant whining and sniveling. They ignore the problems in their own back yards, all the while insisting that this nation or that nation or another nation over there, somewhere, is the real culprit of climate change, diamond mines, gold mines, logging, rainforest stripping, desert wind, camel dung, cloudy skies and poor tipping.

Kiss my fat, white, wrinkled Canadian ass. Furthermore, while you’re flying over, just keep right on going to some country that you might actually want in your Commonwealth of nations. If you don’t like it here, go somewhere else.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this guy would like it anywhere.

Link to his article here, from whence the quotes come.