White House gate crashers

Does anyone actually care about these people? I’m sure the media will make it appear as though we do.

civil suits alleging non-payment for services, a long-running (and very public) feud with Tareq Salahi’s parents about ownership and control of their now-idle 108-acre winery and claims the couple made about accomplishments that can’t be verified. – washingtonpost.com

There appears to be some problem with locating the gate-crashers. Heaven forbid that the two of them were actually wanted.

Secret Service agents came to the winery Friday, seeking the couple.

Four important pages of the washingtonpost.com and article here. Nine staffers assigned to write the story. Kind of beggars the imagination, doesn’t it?

I could be wrong, but to me, the most important thing about this entire debacle is the fact that the Secret Service is now unable to locate the couple.

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