Motorcycles emit pollution. Get over it.

Introductory lede:

It’s a popular misconception that motorcycles burn cleaner than cars: most of them don’t. –, Costa Mouzouris

Next paragraph:

In fact, the only reason that they spew fewer greenhouse gas emissions into the air than four-wheeled passenger vehicles…

So which is it? Do they? Or, don’t they?

all current models (of motorcycles) meet North American emissions standards…

That kinda sums it up for me.

He’s not done yet though. He concludes with

the fumes emitted by those dual, upswept mufflers are still not up to the standards that they should be…

I’m left wondering just what those fume emission standards should be for motorcycles with “dual, upswept mufflers”. Who has dual, upswept mufflers on their motorcycles? Who might ride motorcycles with dual, upswept mufflers? Does he mean biker motorcycles? Just some motorcycles? All motorcycles? Does the author know or understand the difference between a motorcycle and a scooter? Does he know that two-cycle engines burn oil mixed with gas?

Link to article here.

I’ve read the article several times now, and I’m still confused by it all. Although, I do understand that in Canada, there are approximately 18,000,000 passenger automobiles registered and 409,000 motorcycles. I’d say motorcycles are the least of the problem during the five-month riding season and seven months of heavy-sledding-winter for which Canada is renowned.

Here’s a link to a 2001 British study that demonstrated the following conclusion:

The overall emissions from motorcycles are low in comparison with other road vehicles and are not expected to grow dramatically in mass terms.

Now then, if only we could regulate how long those Torontonians wearing their frost-stained long-johns idle their automobiles to keep warm while commuting. That would be an accomplishment.

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