MADD will never be satisfied…

until bars are closed and liquor is taken off of the market. We all know how successful prohibition was back in the day.

There will be no keeping MADD® happy, just as there has been no keeping them happy in the past – until every ounce of liquor is outright declared illegal and poured into the streets; until every bar is shut down and turned into a glee club; until every motor vehicle is equipped with some sort of breath interlock; until every person bows to the authority and influence of MADD and it’s crazy desire to eliminate something that can’t be eliminated.

Mothers: responsible for warm, fuzzy feelings. Nobody wants to fight that image.

Against: everything.

Drunk: ban liquor.

Driving: that’s only a start. Wait until we get them mothers rolling against guns, prostitution, drugs and improper thinking.

MADD in Canada has gone the extra mile to lobby politicians – with the not unbiased support of law enforcement – to ensure that the Canadian Constitution takes a back seat to the MADD agenda, whatever that agenda really is.

A proposed law permitting police to give random breathalyzers to drivers would save 400 lives a year in Canada, says the CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada. –

…the recent MADD conference praised the notion of giving police the power to randomly perform breathalyzers on drivers regardless of whether or not they’re suspected of drinking.

Just great. The bullshit never ends, and with it there goes the right against unreasonable search and seizure, sponsored by a bunch of whiners in favor of closing bars and reinstating prohibition. I’m fed up with the constant whining and sniveling these people do to try and force me to listen to, and to participate in, their agenda to keep themselves happy.

My recommendation for the harridans of MADD: try and get the police up off of their round, fat, donut-laden asses and have them enforce existing laws. Perhaps then the police just might crawl out of their cruisers long enough to stop whining about not having the power to do this, control that, or arrest anyone for practically anything. After all, the cops have all the tasers, and they just love to use them.

Screw MADD. Take the mad motherfuckers and the incessant whining and sniveling that they feel that they must stuff down my throat and up my ass and let them shove it up their own asses.

Disclaimer #1: I drive.

Dislcaimer #2: I don’t drink.

So then…

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. And take your mongoloid mangled accident victims with you.

*     *     *

Modern Drunkard Magazine has a pretty good takedown of MADD here.

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