Billy Bob


Fuck you, hillBilly Bob.

I could elaborate, but I don’t really feel the need, since the Boxmasters are known only because some hillbilly play-actor bangs away on a set of drums like a Parkinsons-afflicted retard.

Update: No great loss. Watch the abbreviated video in the link. I suspect Willie Nelson, who he was opening for, gave him the boot and the hillBilly came up with the flu story to cover his ‘artiste’ ass.

Willie is a professional, and I suspect that he didn’t want hillBilly & Co. screwing up his show any more than he already has screwed it up. I feel a glimmer of sorrow for the other three bandmembers in hillBilly’s group. In the video, they don’t look exactly pleased to be there, and I wonder if that was an indication of what was to come.

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