Canadian Human Rights Commission Kolor Kommissar*

Crayon censorship will be next.

Be careful not what you write, but what color you choose for your writing.

The ink color brouhaha (yes, it really is a joke, isn’t it?) was resolved in favor of the Canadian politician who published a pamphlet on white paper, using black and red ink colors. Quoth the Human Rights crayon police:

“colours very much associated with aboriginal people, for whom four colours have come to be associate with the four cardinal directions and have great spiritual significance,” wrote Smith. “One can hardly claim that the symbolism in this pamphlet is not inflammatory.”

Full article here.

Unfortunately, the Kolor Kommissar for the Canadian Human Rights Commission will appeal the ruling that found former Member of Parliament Jim Pankiw innocent of  using the “wrong ink colors”.

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* With apologies to Crayola®

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